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Seedlings, Jewelry Because
Handcrafted Jewelry inspired by Nature and the Universe


Sharon Paradiso, the driving force behind Seedlings, is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air!
Not only does she create gorgeous jewelry but she does so using recycled, fair trade, eco-friendly, and green materials when possible.

Twenty percent of her profits are generously donated to Heifer International to help end hunger in the world.

Not willing to stop there, Sharon also selflessly takes the time to help other artists by regularly offering feedback on the Handmade Artists' Forum & by posting fantastic how-to articles on her Seedlings blog! She is always willing to share whatever tips and tricks she has picked up along the way.

10 Uffish Thoughts:

great post! and I love the pictures you choose! Those earrings are fantastic!

Another great article about a truly amazing artist.

Great article, great artist!

Great blog and well written, seedlings truly does rock!

What a beautiful blog you have! Thank you so much for the write-up as well :D

Love it! :D

I LOVE those earrings? Any idea where I can have custom jewelry made? I'm looking for my Bridesmaids?

Wonderful post! And those earrings are to-die-for!! Love them!!

Great post, and I LOVE those earrings!

Thanks everyone! Seedlings is amazing!!!

Those earrings are fabulous but Seedlings created them, not me :)

melsyb.... I make custom jewelry all the time. You can reach me through my Etsy store...

or via email at twasbrillig(AT)mindspring(DOT)com

Also, there are a number of wonderful jewelry artists from the Handmade Artists' Forum (of which I'm a part). They have an Etsy team that you can browse through. I'm sure that many of them would be happy to create the perfect jewelry for your wedding!

That group can be found at....