'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

Yes, these sentiments are a few days late but just as heartfelt nonetheless! I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!!!

I know it's only January....but it's 18F degrees outside right now and that is just a bit more than I can stomach. Worst part is that I know I have to bundle up to take Mariah the Wonderdog for a good long romp shortly.

So, is it any wonder I'm already looking forward to Spring? Just 2 months and the early daffodils will start peeking their golden heads into the air...and then the Bradford pear trees will put on their billowy show! Sigh... really, it's not all that far away!

Which brings me to the photo on the left! I've been featured in an Etsy Treasury for the first time!! Woot! I also sold my purple cow painting and he will be leaving Monday for his new home in New York City! No one told me that selling my art was going to be this much fun. :)

I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you, dear readers, throughout the upcoming year....All kinds of new creative goodness is in the air! Stay tuned!!!

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