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Heather's Haven
Amazing Beaded Creations!


Ever have one of those artistic wishes that you know you'll never fulfill? Ever live vicariously through another artist? I say yes to both!

Meet Heather! And feast your eyes on these beautiful beaded dolls and accessories!

I can't express how much patience and artistic vision goes into each of her designs. You'll just have to look for yourself!

Heather is also an integral part of the Handmade Artists' Forum, taking the time to support her fellow artists and HAF Etsy Team members.

I'd like to share Heather's own words with you:

"I have this dream to one day wear long flowy skirts and big bold jewelry and play hostess at my own cafe/art gallery. For now I just play waitress, Suzie Homemaker and Martha Stewart.

My honey and I are both artists. We have six kids, two dogs and a couple of ex's. In our spare time we create our art. It's therapeutic."

I have no doubt that someday Heather will realize her dream!

3 Uffish Thoughts:

Great post, you chose amazing pieces to highlight!

oh wow! thanks for the compliments!
I love the tornado doll, it was one of my first!

Heather's bead work is fabulous! HAF