'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

Well, I think it is finished!!
So....what materials did I use in my very first ever mixed media collage.....
Acrylic paint, watercolor pencils
Glue, modge podge
Cardstock, tissue paper
String, drywall tape
Drywall compound, sand
Mulberry paper, bubble wrap
Silk floral bits, vellum pen
Micron pen, Woodcraft paint pen
If I missed an "ingredient" I can't know what it is! LOL
And Ladies???? Why did you not tell me how much I would really like a vellum pen?
I had some "journaling" around the four sides at one point but the tissue paper with the multiple paint washes really obscured it. That's probably a good thing since I wasn't entirely happy with the journaling anyway.
So, whatcha think?

And Jodi? Thanks for giving me this challenge! It may have taken me forever but I had a load of fun creating this :)

2 Uffish Thoughts:

Nancy, you did a wonderful job with this challenge. Sometimes we just have to sit on certain projects till we are ready to finish them. I'm glad you saw this through to completion, it's lovely! Are you keeping it or selling it in your store?

Well, it's at the store. Haven't really decided whether or not to sell it. Probably will though if someone likes it enough to buy it! LOL (always the capitalist, oui?)