'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

Here's what happens when it is getting close to Valentine's Day and I feel the need to create outside my normal comfort zone! Presenting 3 collage hearts for your consideration.... please remember, I am not a collage or mixed media artist. I just like to play around with stuff to see what happens!

The 2 in the top row are complete; I'm just getting started on the bottom one. (Did I really just use a semi-colon? LOL Haven't had a use for one of those in years.) I used 4 inch tall heart cutouts and a variety of embellishments: acrylic paints, lace, seed beads, copper foil tape (which I actually soldered!), mulberry paper, rubber stamping, magazine clippings, drywall tape, hand-hammered copper wire and buttons.

So whaddya think? No matter what, I had fun making them and explored something different!

2 Uffish Thoughts:

This is my first time to your blog. I followed the link from creativeeveryday.com. I love your hearts especially the drywall tape. Inventive. Love it. I can't wait to explore your blog further.



I love them!!! I was thinking about doing something Valentine-sey...(is that a word?) You have a super cute blog here!