'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

Oh. My. Hell. I deserve demerits. Big time. I have done nothing crafty since Saturday while at the shop. I think I'm in some sort of limbo until I go to my wholesaler on Wednesday. Yeah, that's it....limbo.

On Sunday I did reorganize part of my beading supplies which desperately needed to be done since I couldn't find anything without a 5 minute search. Oh, and I worked on Tulgey Wood yesterday and today, uploading more of my photos. Does that count as being creative?

Somebody please give me a virtual kick in the butt?

1 Uffish Thoughts:

Get busy friend--this is your livelihood now!! LOL How's that for a kick in the buttooski! Don't forget my estimate, there's another kick!

You just need to get some creative juice (like wine) in ya, and it'll be alright!

I'm going to try to catch ya on Saturday at the shop :)