'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

The back half of 'Twas Brillig is in a shambles!!! In an effort to switch gears from Christmas to Spring, I literally tore the place up yesterday and today...more so today since I removed the window display. I wasn't completely prepared to replace it but made it look "not Christmas-y" so I suppose it will do for the moment!

I also redecorated the moose.

Moose? Yep. Moose. My shop mascot is a moose... in fact, it is the very moose that you see for my profile picture! He had bright green Christmas balls hanging from his antlers until this morning. Now he is sporting pink and brown polka-dotted ribbon around his neck and has tiny red flowers in his mouth. I think he is looking for a sweetie moose for Valentine's day! LOL

That dang moose gets more folks to walk into my shop than just about anything. Everyone wants to know if he's for sale. I could have sold 100 of him so far. Really. I'm not exaggerating. Yes, I am desperately searching for a similar moose to sell. Who knew he'd be that popular?!?

At any rate, here are photos of my latest efforts to bring in Spring...the first is a fairly large door arrangement done is a half scoop hanging basket. It's rather eye-catching! I've received quite a few compliments on it and I just made it yesterday.

Today I switched gears and went for a less colorful but just as busy look. I thought the purple hyacinths gave this centerpiece a nice punch of color, especially in the midst of all that green. You can't see the grapevine very well in this picture but it is coiled through the entire piece. The grapevine is very cool to work with as it's not real and is wired to bend any which way! And of course, I had to add my signature curly things and ferns. I can't design without curly things and ferns!!!

By the end of next week, 'Twas Brillig should be back in order and I will post pictures of the shop interior with the Valentine's Day and Spring motifs. I've discovered in the short time since I opened the doors that I don't like disorder in my displays. Anyone who knows me will find that funny because I am not known for being a neat-freak. Not even close!

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Nancita--I may have a job for you for the grand opening of the new branch. :) Not the job I want you to have but a good one nonetheless;)....we need to have a couple of floral arrangements that will last us through the soft opening and grand opening. Are you up to it? email me and we can chat!