'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

About 2 weeks ago, I posted the first pictures
of the wren family that nested in a hanging geranium plant on our deck. I've been taking photos periodically since then.

Today, when I went out to get new shots, I found that the babies had fledged this morning!!! Yay!!!

Sadly, we did lose 2 of the little tykes about a week ago, presumably due to the intense summer heat we had. The other 2 did just fine and are now bouncing around in the rhododendrons, squeaking and peeping for Mama Wren to bring them a nice juicy bug!

The first 2 pictures were taken when the wren chicks were 6 days old.

It's amazing the little guy up front can sleep with all the yelling behind him!

Feed us, Mama!!!!!!!

Here the youngsters are 11 days old. They completely ignored me and wouldn't even peep. I can only guess that it was because their eyes were open by this point and they didn't like the big monster with the camera staring at them!

You can see their feathers are starting to come in at this point.

By this time, we had lost the 2 others to the heat. :(

I can't help myself...I just love baby birds!

Here's the busy Mama (or Papa, not really sure which since they both tend the nest!) bringing a fat bug for the kids on the 4th of July!

4 Uffish Thoughts:

Amazing photos!

Love the design of your blog. Did you did it yourself?

Thanks! I don't venture far from the house without my camera!

I didn't design the template myself. I found it at http://raycreationsindia.com/free-blogspot-templates.aspx

He has many really lovely free Blogger templates! This particular one is called "Dark Forest" and just fit perfectly the mood I was trying to create.

Love the pic of momma bird with dinner in beak.

What great pics of the baby birds - and the one with the bug! Love the one with the 2 with their moths wide open - must have thought you were mom bringing them some nice juicy bug! lo
I missed getting pics of the mourning doves nesting in the tree next to my apt - darn -