'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

Lately, I've been wringing my hands over how best to display some of my jewelry, especially the bracelets which were simply set out on a table in the middle of 'Twas Brillig. While it worked, I didn't think it looked professional or aesthetically pleasing.

With the state of the economy, I've had to really think hard before laying out any cash to buy anything that is not expressly needed, even when it concerns the business.

So, what to do? Sometimes the answer is right under your nose! You just have to remember to look a little more closely at what you already own!

I've had this chest for quite awhile and it has been used for years as a catch-all table in our finished basement. It belonged to my father who used it to store fly-tying supplies and fishing flies that he had made. It has bunches of wonderful drawers to display and store items.

I set it up in the store today and was fascinated by how it drew customers right over to look at items displayed in the drawers. Eventually, I hope to be able to fill all the drawers so that my customers can explore the box and reveal the treasures one drawer at a time!!

2 Uffish Thoughts:

What a wonderful treasure chest!
It looks like it is made of Oak wood. You could not have bought a more perfect jewellery container to display your work.
Great that you found it in your basement waiting to be used for your lovely jewellery!:)


Wow . It´s lovely jewelry display.