'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

Guess I got busy with the earrings, oui???

Pair 1: Patriotic!!! Coral, Riverstone and Lapis

Pair 2: Turquoise, Thai Silver Beads and Lt Colorado Topaz Swarovski bicones

Pair 3: Rhodonite, Thai Silver Beadcaps and Stick Pearls

Pair 4: Lt Colorado Topaz Swarovski bicones, silver spacers and Turquoise Picasso Czech pressed glass beads

Pair 5: Black Onyx, Sterling cone beadcaps, Jet Swarovski rounds and Smoke Cristazzi cubes

Pair 6: Striped Agate Ovals, Lt Colorado Topaz and Smoky Topaz Swarovski bicones

Pair 7: Gunmetal seed beads, Howlite, Snowflake Obsidian drops
***Update: Sold!!!***
Pair 8: Tigereye rounds, Lt Colorado Topaz Swarovski bicones and Blue Aventurine rounds

Pair 9: Kyanite rectangles, sterling beadcaps, Tahitian Swarovski Pearls and Cream Swarovski Pearls

Pair 10: Dumorterite nuggets, sterling rope spacers and Lt Colorado Topaz Swarovski bicones

Well, try as I might, I can't get Blogger to display this necklace at the size I want it to be shown without distorting it badly. UGH! Fortunately, the upload decided to cooperate with the
bracelets and earring photos so you can see exactly how pretty the stones are in these 3 pieces!

All 3 pieces are made with Green Opal which is a type of chalcedony. It is rather lovely and paired well with the sage Cristazzi crystal pearls. I just love the wide variation in the colors in this gemstone, ranging from pale turquoise to brick red to dark green to black! The necklace and bracelet are all finished with "antique" sterling silver magnetic clasps. The beadcaps for the earrings were selected to match the clasps.

I'm certain I can get my favorite model to try this set out for me in the near future. (Mom, if you're reading this then that would be you!) We've been joking around about her swinging by the shop to select her jewelry to wear when she is out and about at her various "functions!" Hey, I know a good advertising venue when I see one!!! LOL

1 Uffish Thoughts:

Merry Christmas, Nancita!!! Love your new creations, I see several I love!

My Mom LOVES her new necklace that I bought from you for Christmas--she is thrilled!

I'll be by to visit you this weekend, I'm off for a week--whooooohoooo!!