'Twas Brillig

Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood...

Those who have hung around me for awhile will know that I DO NOT COOK. It just doesn't happen often. The whole process stresses me out and the only known antidote is wine. I'm terrified of wrecking the food so wine allows me to not care if I wreck it! ;)

The reason for that preface is to underscore the fact that the recipe link I'm about to post here must be incredibly delicious because, not only did I agree to make it once, I am eagerly awaiting an opportunity to make it again! (To be honest, I really don't mind baking...as long as it doesn't involve bread. I can't even make bread in a bread machine. It won't rise.)

Anyway....check out this recipe for Raspberry Buttermilk Cake over at Smitten Kitchen! Delish!!!
And then browse the site! Smitten Kitchen might make a cook out of me yet!

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What doesn't wine cure?

This looks delicious.