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Recently, I became aware of an grass roots initiative to help spur the economy and save small businesses.....The 3/50 Project. The idea is to pick 3 local businesses that you really love, stop by and say hello and spend $50 per month in those stores ($50 over all 3, not $50 at each store!) If every working person in America did this it would generate a huge amount of revenue...over $42 billion a month. Money spent locally stays local at a much higher rate than if you shop online or at a big box store. Since small businesses, those Mom & Pop shops and brick and mortar retailers that we love to visit, are the backbone of our economy, it really makes sense to support them whenever possible.

I invite you to visit The 3/50 Project website to learn more about how you can help keep our money flowing through the fiscal veins of America!! If you're a small business owner, be sure to sign up to be listed on the 3/50 supporters list. If you put the badge on your website they'll even link back to your website or blog to help promote you. They also have flyers to give to customers to help spread the word. It's a win-win situation....and it's free!

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I'm all for this project :)